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Learn. Play. Create. Connect. Rewild.
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Moon Crowns

Soak in the majestic energy of the moon while wearing your very own moon crown or pair with our moon wand tutorial to create the combo. 




  1. Collect some willow branches and remove the leaves. Weave the willow into a circle that will fit your head. 
  2. Rolls out your air dry clay and cut your moon shapes using a circle cookie cutter for a full moon, a cresent cookie cutter or create each moon phase with the circle cookie cutter, overlapping onto your cut circle where needed for different phases. Add small holes in your clay moon shapes to spaced apart enough for attaching a gemstone. Allow the clay to dry.
  3. Weave in leaves at the front of your willow crown. Glue on extras where needed. 
  4. Tie a gemstone onto your clay moon shapes. (This idea is inspired by @_dimity_ ) Add glue first if you'd like to make it extra secure. Tie at the back of the moon shape. Glue the clay shapes onto the front of your crown once you have finished adorning it with leaves and flowers. Add any extras you'd like such as mini tumbled gems or gem grave.