Learn. Play. Create. Connect. Rewild.
Learn. Play. Create. Connect. Rewild.
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Deer and Fawns was founded in 2019, after years of building a community connection for home education and mindfulness through our Instagram account

We advocate for nurturing the whole self - mind, body, and spirit. 

As a home educating family, we value the depth of knowledge in the world around us, knowing it is vast and interwined. It runs deeper than workbooks, and following the heart's interests - it flows through each day organically.


Behind Deer and Fawns

Hi, I'm Melinda. I love being outdoors with my family and going on adventures like fossicking, searching rock pools, finding fungi & wildflowers to document and study, and finding new locations to explore. I often find myself very drawn to water and the connectedness it makes me feel.
The energy of a waterfall.
The texture of sand at the beach combined with the invitation to greet the ocean, knowing there's more of this beautiful planet below the water and on the other shores it reaches.
The smooth trickling of water flowing over rocks in a creek bed.
The reflection of the clouds over a lake on a beautiful day.

I love gardening, art, sewing and trying new avenues of creativity. I am a qualified jeweller although I've taken some time off the bench to focus on family and build Deer and Fawns. This is something I am making my way back to as well, as my children grow older. I am always using my hands to make meaningful pieces and manufacturing jewellery is one of my great loves. 

My vision for Deer and Fawns is to provide content that is eco-friendly and nutures the receivers connection to the Earth, themselves and others -  through play, creativity and education.