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Learn. Play. Create. Connect. Rewild.
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Breath Awareness by Hannah @arkandluna


Breath awareness is the practice of doing simply that - bringing our
present attention to the experience of our breathing.

We can notice the rise and fall of our stomach or chest, observe how
the breath flows in and out of our nose or mouth and focus on the
sound and full experience of breathing. In doing so, we are bringing
our mind back to the present moment.

Breath awareness is a mindfulness skill that can be completed
wherever we are. As parents, a moment to pause and connect
supports us to regain spaciousness of the mind instead of being
reactive in our responses to our children. Breath awareness is a skill
we can nurture in our children too. In doing so, we are giving them
the beginnings of an emotional toolbox that they can use throughout
their lifetime.

Nature has a way of grounding us back to the present moment. Here
is a simple breath awareness exercise, inspired by nature, you and
your children can complete.

You will need a leaf of any shape or description.

1) Trace the outside of a leaf with your finger as you slow your breathing and find your inner quiet.
2) Slowly trace up one side of the leaf as you breathe in.
3) As you begin to trace down the other side of the leaf, slowly breathe out.
4) Repeat this 3 times, then allow your breath to return to its natural flow.

Hannah is a mama, child counsellor and owner of Ark & Luna, a conscious kids store with toys and resources to support play, holistic education and connection to nature. 
Hannah also runs the Mindful Together online course which supports parents and children to establish mindfulness in their daily lives. To find out more about the course or join the free five day mindfulness challenge, visit the website at www.arkandluna.com.au

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