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This year has been extremely difficult for many and it takes a toll on our mental health. It is okay to not be okay and if you feel you may need some assistance please do not hesitate to seek help.

In times of uncertainty, anguish and despair, gratitude is medicine for the soul. It helps us shift our focus onto the good in our lives, alleviating hard mental weights that we may be carrying. It doesn't ignore problems or realities but shows us the other side of our reality.
A side we sometimes lose sight of in difficult times.
The good. The positive. Things to look forward to. Memories.
The things that warm our hearts. This shift and warmth that comes with gratitude, has the power to heal.

Practicing gratitude regularly teaches us to notice the fine details in our lives.
The things we care about the most.
The things we may otherwise take for granted.
It amplifies our compassion and empathy.
It helps us sleep better and loosen anxiety.
It brings appreciation and connection to our relationships.
Practicing gratitude regularly, helps us live happier lives.

I have a brand new FREE printable to share with you to help bring gratitude in your lives. There is no age limit to gratitude. You can do these sheets yourself, as a family or print out for your children. 
Download HERE

Rays of Gratitude sheet - Create your rays of sunlight by writing down the things you are grateful for around the sun. 
Gratitude Sun Affirmation - Colour or decorate your sun affirmation poster and hang somewhere where it will be seen and serve as a reminder.
Bio Glitter used from The Glitter Tribe

Other ways to practice gratitude

Gratitude Tree
Gather some sticks and fallen leaves. Press your leaves. Put your sticks in a vase with small rocks to keep them in place. Write down things you are grateful for and glue them onto the branches. 

Gratitude Jar
Repurpose a glass jar by decorating it with pressed flowers, leaves or other materials. Write down things you are grateful for and add them to your jar. When you need a reminder to feel good, read through your pieces of paper.

Ark and Luna also sells a wonderful Gratitude Jar craft kit that you can purchase here. This would make a great gift to send to anyone you think could use a little gratitude healing in their life. Photo by @jennaduxbury_

Gratitude Journal
Select a special journal that makes you feel good and try to write down something you are grateful for each day .

Boxes of Gratitude Game
Follow our tutorial here to create your own family gratitude game that you can create for any amount of people to play.

Gratitude Kindness Letters
Send letters to loved ones letting them know how grateful you are to have them in your lives.

 Bedtime Gratitude
A wonderful bedtime routine is to ask your children three things they are grateful for, each day. This can also be worded as "What were your three favourite things about today?"

Gratitude Map
The Little Potion Co and Heidi from The Harmony Tree house collaborated to offer this beautiful Gratitude Hunt map that you can download for FREE here

Daily Gratitude for Kids cards
This beautiful set of cards by Growing Kind is full of ideas to help children bring gratitude into their every day routines.

Grow with Gratitude kit

By Seeds for Tomorrow, this thoughtful seed kit comes with a gratitude crystal and journal that enourages children to mindful grow a connection to nature and absorb the gratitude that comes with it. 
Available for purchase here.

I hope these ideas for different ways to practice gratitude, brings a bit of happiness to your lives. Share with us how you practice gratitude over on Instagram @deerandfawns

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