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Wild Reed Diffuser

This beautiful reed diffuser would not only make a lovely addition to your home but a lovely handmade gift for loved ones and it is very simple to create!

What you’ll need
  • Sticks
  • Glass bottle with a narrow opening
  • 1/2cup Sweet almond oil
  • 200 drops Essential oil of choice
  • Decorations of choice
How to make it
  1. Sterilise your sticks by placing them on a lined tray, in the oven on low for 45minutes.
  2. Once they have cooled, remove the outer bark by sanding for a smooth finish or using a peeler or knife for a more ‘wild’ look.
  3. Add your almond oil to the glass bottle, followed by the essential oil and mix them together.  You can add more essential oil depending on your preference. 
  4. Put your sticks in the glass bottle, turn them upside down every day or so. Replace the sticks when they have become too saturated and no longer work properly. 
  5. Decorate your bottle however you desire.