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Learn. Play. Create. Connect. Rewild.
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Meditation Spiral

Our meditation spiral is designed as a mindful activity to cultivate calm and focus whilst being made. Once it has been made and dried, your meditation spiral can be used over and over again for meditation by placing objects around the spiral inbetween your gems or pebbles that have been pressed into your clay. This is a particularly great resource for little ones to help calm. 

I recommend playing some peaceful music while creating to set the vibe.


  • Air dry clay
  • Rolling pin
  • Baking paper or surface that the clay won't stick to
  • Small tumbled gems or pebbles
  • A little water
  • Cutter


  1. Roll out your air dry clay flat, as thick as you'd like but enough to press in your crystals or pebbles.
  2. Cut a medium-large circle. You can use a circle object to trace your desired size, then remove and cut your clay disk. Dip your finger tips in water and smooth out the surface.
  3. Press your crystals/pebbles from the center and work your way out. If little ones are doing this you can scribe a spiral for them to press the gems along. 
  4. Allow your spiral to dry. Now it can be used over and over again in meditation by placing natural objects such as more crystals or pebbles, dried or fresh flowers, shells, leaves - whatever you'd life