Moon Magic

Moon Magic

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Harness the power of the magical, mystical, and glorious moon with more than 100 spells and rituals.

With this invaluable handbook, follow the Moon as she traverses each sign of the zodiac. Discover how each astrological phase affects magic - and how your personal Moon sign affects your magical work. Inside, you will find how to properly conduct spells using candles, gemstones, and crystals at exactly the right lunar moment to enhance the flow of power.
You'll soon be using spells during each moon phase for things like:

  • Conquering change
  • Banishing bad
  • Healing energy
  • Giving thanks
  • Enhancing romance
  • Heightening intuition
  • Finding clarity
  • Living joyfully

Each Moon phase is explored individually to cover the phase's main themes, along with Moon rituals, intention settings, and affirmations. You'll also learn how herbs relate to each Moon phase and information on traditional lunar plants, including lavender, jasmine, willow, moonwort, and many more.
Open your arms to Mother Moon, and allow her to take you into hers, with Moon Magic.