Guitar Chord Blocks
Guitar Chord Blocks

Guitar Chord Blocks

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Find 54 guitar chord diagrams. See Major, Minor, and Dominant 7th chords in open and barre configurations. See the associated sharps and flats. Pluck a block and place it the “v-tray” block stand. By touching the chord, you imprint information into your fingertips. By tilting the chord, you get to see the chord at an optimal angle while learning to play.

Touch. It's how you learn to play the guitar. You must use your fingers. Touching blocks is a far superior approach to learning than simply staring at a smartphone app or looking at a chord poster. Your hands pick up nuanced information. Your eyes appreciate the simple elegance of Uncle Goose Chord Cube Guitar Blocks. That's why these blocks make a hip, hot, must-have gift for the guitarist in your life.

Handcrafted from sustainable Michigan basswood
Non-toxic, mouth safe inks

  • 9, 44mm cubes
  • 1, 44mm inch v-tray
  • Ages 2+