Geology Dig Kit
Geology Dig Kit
Geology Dig Kit

Geology Dig Kit

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A gorgeous way to study geology holistically with this handmade dig kits from South Australia. 

Each kit includes:

  • 5 different Australian rocks/crystals varieties set inside a 'solid' rock.
  • Wooden hammer (approx. 20cm long) and chisel to dig out your treasure with.
  • Information cards to learn about each stone

Rocks/Crystals in this kit are: Opal, Beryl, Peacock Ore, Malachite and Rhodonite.

100% Australian made using Australian materials.
Tools are made from red gum, pine, poplar or fruit tree woods (sustainably sourced from fallen branches); Tasmanian oak and lavender beeswax polish. 'Rock' made form sand, soil, and plaster. Wrapped in paper and string, in a brown paper bag. This kit is completely compostable at the end of its life. 

Recommended for age 6+ depending on ability and supervision. Occasional rocks made have a sharp edge.