Festivals Together

Festivals Together

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Guide to multicultural celebration

Enrich your seasonal celebrations with Festivals Together. Here are stories, songs, crafts, activities and recipes from the global village, including Eid, Holi, Easter, Wesak, Advent, Divali and Chinese New Year - and many more. This well-loved resource guide draws on the experience of a wide variety of faiths and cultures, including Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh.

Children and adults alike will enjoy the tales of Anancy the spider trickster, of Ganesh and how he got his elephant head, and why the sun and the moon live in the sky. YOu can learn how to make simple percussion instruments, kites that really fly, a Filipino Christmas Star, Chinese lanterns, spring flower festival decorations or Christingle oranges.

Whether you are a teacher, parent or community group, Festivals Together offers a wealth of ideas for multicultural celebration which will inform, inspire and delight everyone.