Crystal Point Mix
Crystal Point Mix

Crystal Point Mix

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For crafts or your crystal collection, our crystal point mix brings a delightful handful of crystals in a variety of size.

It comes with:

  • 5 x Clear Quartz
  • 5 x Smokey Quartz
  • 10 x Mini Amethyst
  • 10 x Mini Citrine

Crystal points can be used in nature crafts as such as clay creations or other projects such as candle making and bath salt/gem blends.


Clear quartz brings clarity, amplifies energy and intuition. It aids in healing and creativity.

Smokey quartz is used for protection, cleansing and clearing negative energy while grounding to the Earth.  

Amethyst is used for insomnia, protection, healing and positivity.

Citrine encourages creativity and aids in envisioning and manifesting goals.