Creative Form Drawing with Children aged 6-10 years Workbook 1

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A great resources for home educators!

Angela Lord recognises that creative form drawing educates children beyond mere 'head-learning' or cleverness. She believes it helps children develop hand-eye coordination, spatial orientation, observation skills, attention, confident movement, drawing skills and the foundation skills for handwriting.

This workbook is a comprehensive, practical resource to help teachers plan creative form drawing lessons for children aged 6-10 years. It covers the why, what and how of creative for drawing, and includes:

  • Guides to tried and tested form drawing teaching methods
  • Drawing exercises and examples to help plan lessons
  • Motifs from Chinese, Indian and Arabic cultural traditions, making it a multi-cultural resource
  • Rudolf Steiner's original form drawing exercises
  • How form drawing counteracts negative screen time effects

Originally developed by Rudolf Steiner, creative form drawing is widely used in Steiner and Waldorf schools to enable healthy child development and learn drawing skills. It can also be used for helping transform learning and movement difficulties.