Can You Hear the Trees Talking?

Can You Hear the Trees Talking?

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 A walk in the park will never be the same again after kids discover this awe-inspiring book by Peter Wohlleben. Peter is a global advocate for forests and our relationships with trees. Now, Peter shares his famous imagination and storytelling style with children, asking surprising questions about trees with exciting quizzes, photographs and hands-on activities.

Did you know that trees have parents, and tree grandparents with wrinkles? That tree kids go to school for hundreds of years? That there is such a thing as the forest internet? And that trees make us healthy and strong?

Sometimes, even trees get sick, but we can help them heal. Can you hear the trees talking? shares the mysteries and magic of the forest in language kids will love and understand. 

What are trees afraid of?
Do trees sleep at night?
Who's the best detective in the forest?
How do trees breathe and drink?
Why don't trees fall over?
What do trees do for us?