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Learn. Play. Create. Connect. Rewild.
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Window Light Catchers

Create your own beautiful light catcher window decorations in any shape and theme you'd like. 
















What you will need:

  • Cardboard or thick paper
  •  Watercolour paint
  •  Scissors
  •  Twine (if needed for the shape or to hang)
  •  Glue
  •  Paint brushes
  •  Tissue paper
  •  Double sided tape
  •  Additional decorations such as dried or pressed flowers (optional)

How to make your light catchers:

  1. Create your shapes out of your cardboard or thick paper. Cut out a section that can be replaced with layered tissue paper. 
  2.  Paint the shape.
  3.  Cut the tissue paper into small-medium pieces, paint some glue on or dip it in, start from the outside of the cut out section and work your way in as you layer the tissue paper. You can add in dried or pressed flowers to your top layer or glue them on after the tissue paper has dried. 
  4.  Once it has dried, you can attach a small piece of double sided tape to hang it on your window.


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