Recycled Paper Affirmations

Make beautiful affirmations by recycling your scrap paper and decorating to personalise. These are great on their own or put a hole in each one with a hole punch to create into a garland. 



  • Shredded/ripped paper (add a coloured sheet if you wish to colour or a little colouring)
  • Water
  • Blender
  • Dried flowers
  • Towel
  • Mesh frame & felt (optional - we recommend the paper making kit from Poppy & Daisy Designs)
  • Cookie cutter shapes
  • Brown Kraft paper
  • Glue
  • Black marker
  • Essential oil (optional) I used lavender


  1. Rip/shred your paper to recycle. Put it in a blender and add some water. Blend it up so it's quite runny.
  2. Once you have your pulp, pour it into a jug or medium sized container. Something that you can pour from. Add more water if it isn't watery enough. 
  3. Put your cookie cutter on a mesh frame. Sprinkle dried flower petals into your cookie cutter first (optional) and then pour in some pulp. You want to avoid any gaps in your shape - I recommend pouring in to halfway up the cookie cutter. Sprinkle more petals on top (optional). 
  4. Allow the water to drain out and then carefully life the cookie cutter off. 
  5. Gently press down with your bit of towel or felt - trying to avoid squishing out of shape, but absorbing the excess water. 
  6. Move your paper shape to a towel or cotton sheet in the sun to dry. Add some drops of essential oil on top.Flip it once its dried half way to avoid curling and dry evenly, adding essential oil to the other side as well. 
  7. Once your shapes have dried, rip off pieces off brown kraft paper. Write your affirmations on then glue each one to your shapes. 
  8. Glue on dried flowers for extra decoration.