Rain Painting

This process art project is an incredible opportunity for children to see how they can work with nature to collaborate on a beautiful piece of art. If you are doing a unit on weather, this can be a fun activity to include.

What you will need:

  • Liquid Watercolours
  • Canvas or Watercolour paper
  •  Paint brush
How to create your artwork:
  1.  Lay your canvas or watercolour paper flat, and add some liquid watercolours. Try little dobs randomly around or some brush strokes.
  2.  Put the canvas/paper out in the rain and watch as the drops manipulate the paint. How long you leave the artwork out is dependant on how heavy the rainfall is.You don't want to leave it out for too long.
  3. Once it has been manipulated to your liking, take it in to dry. Keep it flat while it dries. 
  4.  Now find a place to hang your nature collaboration artwork!

Note: Sprinkle some salt on top to see what happens. Remove when the painting has dried. Draw on the paper with crayon prior to painting, to add some resist into your art.