Learn. Play. Create. Connect. Rewild.
Learn. Play. Create. Connect. Rewild.
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Mindful in March

Welcome to our third year of #Mindfulinmarch - join us on Instagram to complete your Bingo card.

Inspired by my daughter expressing things she loves about the world, our theme for this year is things to love about the world.

What is the Mindful in March challenge?
The Mindful in March challenge began 2019 as a way to encourage families and educators to incorporate a little bit of mindfulness into their lives and their children's lives each day. While children naturally live in the moment, our intent is to nurture the seed that grows and teaches us to listen to the guidance within - our intuition. Mindful practice strengthens this path.
#MindfulinMarch encourages exploring senses, emotions, gratitude, surroundings and little details of everyday life whilst harbouring positive experiences together. 

Living mindfully can rewire your brain to invite a deeper understanding of the world around you as well as yourself.
Get into the habit of connecting with your child with the guidance of our prompt list by doing activities together with intent, gratitude for each other and the moment shared 
within creating, observing, exploring and playing.

How does it work?
You are welcome to join in as much as you can - there is no pressure to complete every prompt! Go at a pace that is comfortable and realistic for you.

I understand that life is different for every family so to allow you to tailor Mindful in March to what's best for you, this year we are trying something new by setting our #MindfulinMarch prompts in a bingo format.
This means that you can pick which prompt you want to do and when throughout the month, with 25 to work through.

If you complete the bingo card we will send you all our digital products (including those added through March) for FREE!

Share your photos with us under the #MindfulinMarch hashtag. Remember that if your account is on private I will not be able to see them, however if you would like to share you photos with me or have opportunity to have them shared in our stories, you are welcome to DM them.


If you want to participate in as many prompts as possible, these are my tips to help.

  • Make a list - Writing out a list of your activity ideas for each prompt can help you get organised, even if you end up going in a different direction it's an easy way to keep motivated and not lose track of what you've been planning.
  • Don’t over think itactivities don’t need to be complicated. Something as simple as going for a walk outside and observing nature can suffice.

The last year has impacted us all differently - we have had a lot going on in the time that I usually prepare a guide of activity ideas for this challenge. Unfortunately this year I won't be providing an ebook or large guide however I will give you a brief list of ideas for the prompts.

This year there will also not be a large prize pack giveaway associated with  #MindfulinMarch however you can keep an eye out for our birthday celebrations at the end of March.