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Learn. Play. Create. Connect. Rewild.
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Leaf Faerie Wings

Follow our tutorial to create these whimsical faerie wings for enchanting play.


These wings would go wonderfully paired with our Autumn nature crowns. If you aren't in Autumn, simply use leaves from the season that you are in.  

What you will need

  • Fallen leaves
  • Glue gun
  • Twine
  •  2 Sticks

How to make the wings

  1.  First you want to create two symmetrical wings by layering leaves, biggest on the outside and small on top as you get to the center. I recommend figuring out your order as you go, prior to adding glue, for each leaf. 
  2.  Once you have glued your leaves together, it's time to make the bones of your wings. Lay your wings flat, wrong side up. Get the 2 sticks and cross them, wider at the top and shorter at the bottom. while holding them above your wings to see where they need to sit to be hidden. Tie them together at the cross point. 
  3.  Cut two long strands of twine and attach them either side of the cross point, on the top part of the sticks. These will be what you use to attach your wings for play. 
  4.  Once your sticks are all ready, lay them on your wings and glue them on, being careful not to cover the long stands. I recommend your first side of the wings being the side that will be against your child's back. 
  5.  Now you need to make another set of wings to place on the outer side, hiding the bones and making your wings double-sided. Using the same method create another set. 
  6.  Lay the new wings on top of the stick 'bones', lining them up to match the inner wings as best you can. Glue them on and then if you have any gaps to fill in the center you can attach a few more leaves. 
  7.  Wings ready? Now it's time to tie them on and play!


These would also be great decorated with flowers, particularly if you are in spring. If you are using Autumn leaves you could add things like acorn caps and light-weighted treasures to match the Autumn nature crown.