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I Spy Jar

Being supportive of children while they explore their emotions, especially when they are overwhelmed, is so important in teaching them emotional intelligence. Looking past their struggles as behaviour and finding the cause of what is troubling their precious minds, to help them by talking through, being understanding and offering them advice and guidance as well as assurance that what they are feeling is okay. Building that trust and connection with children is everything and helps their wellbeing and growth mindset. Providing them with resources to help them feel grounded is a fantastic way to assist them through their development. Not only will this I Spy jar assist in calming but as a game it’s also a lot of fun. A great addition to a calm corner or calm basket.


What you will need

  • A glass jar
  • Rice 
  • Objects to spy (we used seed pods, a wooden button, wooden pictures, a small pebble, a couple tumbled crystals, a little felt ball etc)
  • A tag, twine and a marker (optional)
  • Cardstock or thick paper and paints or pencils(optional)
  • Glue 
  • Dried flowers

How to make your I Spy jar
  1. Gather some dried flowers and mix together as a little decoration for your jar. 
  2. Scoop rice into your glass jar, adding in some objects and dried flowers every now and then as you fill it. 
  3. Leave roughly a 3cm gap before sealing your lid on top with glue and leave to set. 
  4. Mark your tag and tie it around the top of the jar.
  5. Create a guide card by drawing or painting the objects inside the jar, on your card, with a small label of what each object is. 


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