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Flower Ornament

I made these as Christmas tree decorations as a child but they are also great for seasonal decorations or you can make a bird-feeder friendly version using peanut butter instead of glue.

When I made these as a child, the sunflower seeds would be layered right to the center. As we made our third layer of petals, Lacey said to me “We need pollen mummy, don’t forget flowers have pollen.” and so the chia seed centers were added thanks to my little wildflower and the result is so beautiful! 

What you will need
  • Cardboard (great opportunity to recycle packaging)
  • Something to trace your circles
  • Pen/pencil and scissors
  • Glue (we use craft glue for these but other glues may work)
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Chia seeds
  • Twine

How to make them

  1. Trace your circles on the cardboard, 2 per ornament. Then cut them all out.
  2. Blank side up, put a ring of glue around the edge of the circle (half a ring if your children like to take their time). Add sunflower seeds on the glue, narrow side face center, the wide side just over the edge of the circle. Let the glue dry.
  3. Once your first layer has dried, put another ring of glue inside the circle and add your sunflower seeds for the next layer of ‘petals’. Let dry and repeat this one more time. 
  4. Once your three layers of petals are done fill the Center with some glue and sprinkle chia seeds in. Press the chia seeds lightly into the glue and let dry.
  5. Once all your sunflowers are done it’s time to attach them together. Take some string and tie a knot so you have your hanging loop. Leave enough string below the knot to be in between your flower sides.
  6. Turn one of your flowers face down, put glue on then add the string in the center with the knot above the circle. Gently add the second sunflower on, right side up and very carefully press together. Allow to dry.


Now if you’d like to make an outside version for the birds, I’d recommend attaching the circles together with the string first, then trying peanut butter to stick your seeds.