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Australian Seabird Rescue Inc


We love to donate to Australian Seabird Rescue Inc, I want to give you some insight into our visits to ASR and why we love to support them. 


We first visited Australian Seabird Rescue in January 2018 while 'travelschooling' (home educating while traveling), in the Ballina region. As my children love animals and my eldest has a desire to care for animals, we are always looking for sanctuaries and animal hospitals to visit, not only because they are enriching but to also support my children's interests.

During most school holidays ASR hosts a tour, inviting the community to learn about what they do and see some of the patients in their turtle rehabilitation.
We attended one of these sessions and it was fantastic! Not only was it a special moment for my children to see sea turtles but it was instantly inspiring to my eldest daughter in her passion for wanting to help animals, to see such a dedicated team doing all that they can to nurse these beautiful creatures, back to health. 

We highly recommend attending a tour if you're ever in the Ballina, NSW area during school holiday periods. 

We took another trip in November 2019 and this time we were fortunate to be in the area during a double turtle release. This time we got to witness as two green sea turtles that had completed treatment successfully, were set free back into their ocean homes.

This time my children were once again amazing and inspired to witness a positive result of what happens once those turtles in their care have gained good health. I was incredibly grateful that they got to both sides of what ASR do. To directly see the positive impact when we look after our fellow inhabitants on this planet.

Watching the turtles flippers move excitedly the closer that they got to the water, was everything. 

The group of volunteers are friendly, and passionate individuals that truly care for each and every one of their patients and are always raising awareness in the process to the issues that marine animals face during their fight for wildlife rescue and conservation. 

Our second visit to their HQ was simply to donate and drop off some of our turtle pocket toys to their gift shop. Olly invited us in to meet the new patients in their care including a sea snake! 


Turtles face a lot of threats but it's important to note that most of them, come from humans. ASR have shelves full of specimens from patients which highlights the need to decrease the impact we have on wildlife. Please reconsider your plastic consumption and opt for sustainable alternatives. If you are fishing, please be responsible with your equipment and respect the environment and it's inhabitants.

 We love supporting the magical work ASR put in to protect wildlife. 

To find out more about ASR or donate directly, please head to their website here.
To follow their work and keep up-to-date, you can find them on Instagram and Facebook

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