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6 Eco Halloween Activities


 Many enjoy celebrating Halloween, but like other holidays Halloween comes with a lot of waste at the end. I've gone on the hunt for great nature-based Halloween activities so that you can create and celebrate without the waste. Including a couple of our previous activities and some fantastic ideas by incredible people.


1. Zombie & ghost leaves
Collect some fallen leaves and get creative with these great ideas from @mothernatured  the natural marks on the leaves make for fantastic zombie skin and you could even string them either design to create a spooky garland!


2. Stick bats
These crafty vampire bats are by @monstamoons Sticks, cardboard and a bit of paint to create your very own vampire bat toys. See her blog for more ideas. 

3. Invitation to create something spooky
One of our previous Halloween activities. Creating with play dough and natural materials. This is a great way to let litting ones imaginations run wild and they conjure up their spooky monsters. @deerandfawns for more pictures.

4. Pumpkin potions
Get your witches brew bubbling with potions in a pumpkin thanks to this incredible idea by @littlepinelearners that was inspired by Room on A Broom. 
If you need some inspiration for potions to add your spooky ingredients to, you can check out our tutorial

5. Toilet roll bats
Turn some toilet rolls and leaves into hanging bats just like @themakermum 
Head over to her account to find out how they made these awesome bats. 

6. Spider pumpkin
Another one of our previous Halloween creations. Gather some sticks and twine to create a web and then add sticks into your small pumpkin for legs, carve circles and push acorn caps in and paint the eyes on. 



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